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Spin-spin coupling in neighboring protons:

If proton A is connected by 3 or less bonds to
  1. a single proton or a group of n equivalent protons X, then J-coupling between A and X leads to a splitting of the signal from proton A with a multiplicity of

    MA = nX + 1

  2. several sets of equivalent protons M, X...
    (z.B. CHnM- CHA=CHnX) with nM, nX, etc. protons. In that case the protons of these groups couple independently with proton A. The splitting then occurs according to

    MA = (nM + 1) * (nX + 1) ...

Considering this, what would be the multiplicity M for HA in
ClCH = CH - CH2Cl
M   A   X
Check here for the correct answer!