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For the molecule
ClCH = CH - CH2Cl
M   A   X
the number as well as the
relative intensities of the multiplet lines for the signal of HA can be derived based on the coupling constants, as shown in this example:
The given values for HA are:
  • dA = 4,86 ppm; JAM = 13,1 Hz; JAX = 7,3 Hz.
The coupling between HA and HM gives rise to a doublet (nM = 1; relative intensities 1 : 1). Due to the second, independent coupling with HX, the two doublet lines are additionally split into triplets (nX = 2; relative intensities 1 : 2 : 1). In total there are therefore six lines (MA = 6).

Now, what are the relative intensities of the six lines of the HA-signal?

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