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A few final remarks

This course (and the original booklet) should repeat and enforce the knowledges concerning 1H NMR spectra and the molecular structure. Users of this educational material should be able to predict simple "first order" NMR spectra.
One idea of the original authors to use the educational material could be expressed as follows:
In a first step a lecturer could demonstrate the fundamental principles of NMR together with one or two examples (a molecule like ethyl acetate would be sufficient). After this short introductory lecture all further work could be done by the students itself instead of seminars or exercises.
To proove the result of the self study a short written examination (prediction of a simple spectrum, select one structure from a number of given structures according to a spectrum) seems useful.
Mean value for the time needed to use the program: 14 hours.

(The german final remarks now present the whole history of this document. Probably this is of little interest for non german readers.)