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No spin-spin coupling is observed if
  1. protons are separated by four or more single bonds i.e.,
  2. protons are equivalent, i.e.,
      tertiary butyl bromide
If you came up with a different answer, then you should review the material once more, starting at page 90!

All the examples that we have covered so far dealt only with the spin-spin coupling between one group of equivalent protons with only one other group of equivalent protons.
However, what happens if a group of protons interacts with two neighboring groups of equivalent protons?

Try to determine the multiplicity of the signal for proton HA in the molecule
ClCH = CH - CH2Cl
M   A   X

Click on the correct answer below!
  1. M=2
  2. M=3
  3. M=4
  4. M=6
  5. Sorry, but I don't have a clue!